A Special Outing for Our Family of 26

My wife and I wanted to do something really special this year for Christmas. It is going to be the first one where all five of our children and their families are going to be in. Usually, we have to have at least two or three Christmas celebrations in order to see everyone, so this was an extra special year for us. Altogether, there are 26 of us since each of them have children of their own. A friend suggested that we look at www.partybustoronto.limo because of their great deals on party buses.

He knew that we were considering a really nice meal at a favorite restaurant, and that we also wanted to take them around to the Christmas lights displays that are all throughout the city. Continue reading

Limo Prices and New Customer Deals

I am going to try to rent out a limo for this party that I am having. Well it is not a party in the traditional sense. I am not going to be inviting people over to my house, or anything like that. It is a party in the sense that we are going to have a good time, but we are just going out on the town. I am checking into Toronto limo rentals and how much it is going to run me to be able to rent out a limo for the night. I know it is going to be a bit expensive, but it should be worth it so long as it isn’t just outrageous in order to rent one. Continue reading


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To involve logically the National Government in the highways progress of the country and to further discussion and action which will produce a plan satisfactory to the roads advocates of the various States, is the reason given by the A. A. A. National Good Roads Board for calling the second Federal Aid Good Roads Convention, to which have been invited all organizations interested in this subject. In the course of the five sessions at the Hotel Raleigh, in Washington, March 6 and 7, the entire subject will be comprehensively considered by a representative assemblage of good roads advocates. The holding of the convention in Washington insures the attendance of many members of Congress, who in numerous instances will serve as delegates for their local Boards Of Trade, and for automobile and good roads associations.
Though purposely the programme has been left somewhat open in order to provide adequate time for several general discussions, an outline of the proceedings indicates its scope. For the morning session of March 6 the registration of delegates, organization of the convention, and the appointment of


What the Middle West Is Doing to Show the Way to Those Who Follow the Roads.

Hasil gambar untuk auto trail image

THROUGHOUT the Middle West there is an intensive cultivation of trail and road routes by which the tourist afoot or awheel may make his way safely in circuits more or less extended. I have been for days following these lines or crossing them, and the pleasure it gives to know that one is upon the true route is very great.
Some of the trails are well marked, some not. Cryptic signs direct the traveler this way and that, but the uninitiated may travel for thousands of miles without knowing the meaning of the painted telegraph pole, the red ball on a white fence, the yellow streak in a sea of white, the barber-pole out at the mid-field crossroads.
Away back in Ohio, I came upon a series of poles along the road which was leading me Westward Ho. I sometimes lost the streak for a time, and then picked it up again. Then a garage man, of



“Oregon Trail” Will Also Be Run—Rock Highway Progress—Pathfinding Acts as Stimulus.

Another far-flung trail across the continent is to be routed and plotted, run and mapped this Summer by A. L. Westgard, pathfinder of the present “Trail to Sunset,” “Overland Trail,” “Midland Trail,” and “Northwest Trail.” In fact, this searcher of the untrodden places who takes his heritage from Boone and Clark, The Man Who Maps TrailsA. L. Westgard photoA. L. WestgardLewis and the host of other pioneers, will really lay out two new trails before the snow flies—the “Oregon Trail,” which will follow closely the famous route which went by that name in frontier days, and the “Southern Route” from the lower Atlantic States westward to join the “Trail to Sunset” in Arizona. His plan is to start from New York about the end of the present month and swing a wide circle to the north

Exclusive and Comfortable Transportation in Wichita KS

Transportation takes an important role for people’s life. It takes the people from one place to another place as the destination. Whether you are a businessman who have high mobility, a comfortable transportation is something that you should have. It is known that a businessman is used to travel from one city to another to concern with the business matter. Most of them like to get the comfort and convenience for the transportation that they take during doing the business matter. A limousine service is one of the excellent transportation that should be taken by the businessmen because it offers more that they expected.

It is good to have this once a businessman has domestic travel with limousine service. There are some good facilities offered by the service agent to the client. Like the limo service in Wichita KS that gives the best for the clients. There is no one that offer such high comfort and pleasure for anyone who travel in KS. Airport pick up is one of the facilities that the client will have. It will make anyone who firstly arrives in the city feels well to visit the city. It is not

Western Scenic Highway

To journey by the shortest route from the tourist playgrounds in California via Spokane, Wash., to the majestic and inspiring mountain and lake region near Banff, with all the wide expanse of forests, rivers and plains between, has long been the ideal of the motor nomad in the great northwest region. The ideal has been brought to fruition, and out of the thoughts of a few men has been born a great international highway leading from the Canadian Rockies and famous Lake Louise directly south to the winter Mecca of the motorist.
The new highway, conceived by James Davison of Calgary, has been designated the California-Banff Bee Line highway. According to its originator the newly designated international highway will descend out of the Canadian Rockies like the tail of a great kite, the kite itself being formed by the Canadian Banff Loop highway, circling Cranbrook, Fernie, McLeod, Calgary, Field and returning by a direct southern route to Cranbrook.
Leaving the loop at a tangent at Cranbrook the highway skirts the tumbling, trout-filled Moyle river and swings westward through deep-shaded forests and mountain streams and cuts the international


The same pioneering that took place in laying out the great transcontinental railroad lines is now being done in laying out transcontinental automobile routes. From the northern line to the Mexican border the courses of rivers and mountain passes in the Western country are being prospected for routes that will offer the most in scenic attraction and ease of travel.
One of the latest to make a bid for popularity is the National Parks Highway. Lawrence H. Brown, Secretary of the Washington State Good Roads Association, in presenting the claims of this route for tourist travel, says of it: “The National Parks Highway extends from the Great Lakes by way of Milwaukee, Madison, La Crosse, the Twin Cities, Fargo, Bismarck, Billings, Butte, Anaconda, Missoula, and Spokane to Seattle and Tacoma, connecting the three National Parks.
“This route is rich in beauty from the moment it leaves Chicago at Highland Park and all along the shore of Lake Michigan to Milwaukee through the fascinating lake country and fertile fields of Wisconsin. For more than sixty miles it winds up and down along the Mississippi from La Crosse, Wis.,